basic backdrops

Brown Grey

Elixir Blue

Evening Orange

Hazel Brown

Olive Green


Royal Red

Sandy Blue

Turquoise Green

Charcol Grey

Exclusive backdrops

Enjoy Enjaami

French Red Wall

Timeless Cholas

The Royal Mandap

Haveli Wall

Leafy Green

Magnificient Pillars

Marble Magic

Rustic Wall

Palace Stairway

Tanjore Wall

Premium backdrops

Grey Orange Pichhwai

Kanchi Kailasnathar Temple

Luxury Bloom

Peacock Pichhwai

Pink Bloom Pichhwai

Yellow Blue Pichhwai


Kids backdrops

Blue Cream


Green Small


Orange Florals

Shades of green

Black Board 5x6ft

Brick Wall 5x6ft

Buzzy Sunflowers 5×6 ft

Fall Backdrop 5×10 ft

Floral Spray 5×10 ft

Library 5x6ft

Mauve Floral 5×10-ft

Orchid Garden 5×8-ft

Paradise Backdrop 5×10-ft

Purple Fields 5x6ft

Rustic Cream Wooden Floor 5x6ft


Umber Rose 5×10-ft