Kids Props

Baby Windmill

Full U bench

Windsor Chair

Cane chair

Weavers Chair

Study Table

Garden Bench


Pumpkin set

Tiny Horse Bench


Side Table

Wooden bed

White Diwan

Flower Caddy

Pink umbrella

Green sofa


Cream bath Tub

Pink sitter

Tiny Scooty Prop

White ethnic bed

Heart Bowl


White posing pod

Newborn Rope Moon

Metal Bucket

Green Floral bucket

Pink petal basket

Woven boat

Rustic Bamboo Basket

Weavers Basket

Mint Bowl

Clawfoot Bath & Shower tub

Hanging Basket

Mini Push Cart

Santa Claus Cart type – B


Wooden Boat

Honey Bucket

Panda Basket

Crate – Walnut

Mini Ladder

Rustic log ladder

Rustic Dreamcatcher

Newborn twin bed

Moon bench


White Diwan

Handmade Mushroom prop set of 3

Tiny Aeroplane Prop

Wooden bark bowl with logs

Golden Cages – 3 Piece Set

Harry Potter – Sorting Hat

Harry Potter – Broomstick Nimbus

Baby Fire Extinguisher

Antique Television

Wooden Gun

Harrypotter – Golden Snitch and Wand

Baby Windmill


Telephone Booth

Telephone – 1

Telephone – 2

X Mas Tree

Mushroom Set of 2